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We believe that good food always finds its place. It is enough to build it on honest foundations. We represent a new format of an honest restaurant. We are not putting on a show and trying to impress by stars. We are seeking the very essence of good food and the time spent with it. We love to explore, experiment and connect. Food, flavors and people.


Nature, traditions, architecture, dishes, drinks and people- they all belong to the roots of the region of which we are a proud part. Local cuisine as well as our local suppliers of fresh ingredients make up a selection of the best what can be brought over to the plate and palate. All of this is enhanced by the experience gained in the world. In addition we put in a lot of honest, manual work with which we develop our roots. We grow our own herbs, ferment in the fermentation shed or dry age meat in special machines. Everything we do contributes to the taste and experience though which we develop our and your roots.


We borrow from local Záhorie traditions. We don’t fear often demanding manual labor, domestic production and simple ingredients seasoned with culinary art from all over the world. Tradition and good reputation are built over time and we simply rolled up our sleeves. We aspire to be a dear acquaintance, good neighbor and a warm-hearted host.

Heart on a plate

Our motto is: ‘’wear one’s heart on a plate’’. This is why we like to welcome our guests with traditional and less traditional dishes in forms you haven’t tasted yet. There is enough space for the whole family ( even in a separated part with a kid’s corner). You can enjoy the privacy for your business meetings and debates with your business partners – with an appropriate selection, recommendations and service.

Wine destination

The wine list selected by our sommelier is the best example of how to combine the pleasant with the enjoyable. With a right bottle or a glass of excellent wine we bring the taste of our dishes to the next level. We will gladly assist you with the food and wine pairing. The most demanding guests may enjoy our exquisite wine archive, which is nowhere else to find.

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Moet FDWE Bistric Restaurant

Fine Dine & Wine Event: Hviezdy Moët & Chandon

20. 09. 2024 19:00

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We will gladly prepare an event based on your preferences and host your guests with excellent cuisine.

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